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Majority of Hispanic voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of presidency, while voters trust GOP on key issues

The majority of registered voters who are most concerned about immigration, the economic climate and crime would vote for a Republican candidate this fall, according to a poll that also found the majority of Hispanic voters disapprove of President Joe Biden's handling of the presidency.

A Pew Research Center poll revealed among the 18 issues surveyed, inflation is a top concern to 79% of registered voters ahead of the midterms. Only 17% of respondents said that the economy is in good shape, while 82% said that economic conditions are poor.

Seven in ten registered voters said that the future of the democracy was a very important issue.

According to the poll, 57% of respondents who were very concerned about immigration said that a Republican candidate would best handle the crisis at the border, after approximately 2 million migrants crossed the border this fiscal year.

The poll also found that 47% of registered voters who said the economy is a very important issue would like to see a Republican representing their district to tackle inflation and rising costs. National inflation rose to 8.2% in September, remaining at a 40-year-high since June.

Republicans were also the party of choice to 50% of those who were most concerned about violent crime in their states. 

Among those who view abortion as a very important midterm issue, 55% would lean towards voting for a Democrat candidate. Democrats also lead among the respondents who felt that the future of the democracy and health care were very important issues.

President Joe Biden received a job approval rating of only 38% and a disapproval rating of almost 60% in the national poll. Biden's approval rating saw a major decline in recent months, after a Pew Research poll found the president's approval among registered voters stood at 43% in March.

The majority of registered Hispanic voters, 50%, disapprove of Biden's handling of the presidency, compared to 46% who approve of the Democrat. Among all those surveyed, 59% disapproved of Biden while 38% approved of his job as president.

The national survey was conducted from Oct. 10 - 16 with a margin of error of plus or minus 1.7 percentage points.

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