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Biden vows to work with Republicans who have ‘good’ ideas, but not on some issues

President Biden vowed Thursday to work with Republicans who have 'good' ideas, but listed several issues that he considers non-negotiable.

Biden made the comments during a Democratic National Committee event in Washington, D.C., following Tuesday's midterm elections, which he says fared well for Democrats.

The president said that while he's prepared to work with Republicans, he also added that the American people want Republicans to work with him.

'Regardless of what the final tally showed, I'm prepared to work with Republicans, but the American people have made it clear they expect Republicans to work with me as well,' Biden said. 'And folks, I'll always be open to any good ideas, whether it's Democrat or Republican, to move the country forward.'

The comments came as the balance of power in Congress remained undecided.

But Biden said there are several issues on which he's not willing to compromise with Republicans.

'I've also made it really clear that if Republicans try to repeal the power we just gave Medicare to reduce prescription drug costs, I will veto it. I will not let that happen. If Republicans try to walk away from the historic commitment we just made to deal with the climate crisis, I will not let that happen,' he said. 

'If Republicans try to cut Social Security, Medicare. I will not let that happen. If they try to cut taxes for the super wealthy, again, the biggest corporations, like they did in the last administration. I will not let that happen, either,' he added.

Biden also said that 'we should be looking at tax cuts for working people and middle class people.'

He said that if Republicans pass a national ban on abortion, 'I will veto it.'

'We need to codify Roe v. Wade as the law of the land,' Biden said.

Commenting on the midterm elections, Biden said 'it was a strong night for Democrats,' stating that a 'red wave' didn't happen.

'All of you heard from the press and the pundits was that Democrats are facing a disaster. Remember that? And all those polls, all those polls, God love them. You know, ‘Historic losses are on the way’… ‘A giant red wave’… folks, that didn't happen,' Biden said.

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