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Clark County, Nevada, says 22,000 mail-in ballots being counted, results expected Saturday evening

Election officials in Clark County, Nevada, said on Saturday afternoon that 22,000 mail-in ballots are currently being counted and will be reported on later in the day.

In a press conference, Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria said he expects to report Saturday evening on 22,000 mail-in ballots that are currently being counted by his office, adding that 7,100 ballots still need to be cured, a figure that is down 2,500 from yesterday.

Gloria said that 268 new mail-in ballots were received on Saturday.

'As far as the ballots that are being processed today, we won't stop today until sometime in the late afternoon, early evening,' Gloria said.

Gloria has said previously that 5,555 provisional ballots still remain to be counted.

Republican Adam Laxalt and Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto are currently locked in a tight Senate race that could determine the balance of power in the United States Senate with Laxalt currently holding a narrow lead that has grown increasingly smaller each day following Election Day.

Laxalt currently leads 48.5% to 48.41% by a margin of 862 votes with approximately 40,000-50,000 ballots left to count across the state, primarily in Clark County and Washoe County where Cortez Masto has continued to gain ground.

The state of Nevada has no automatic recount provision, which means that in order for there to be a recount, one side needs to request one and pay for it themselves.

Gloria said his office will not be holding a press conference tomorrow and told a reporter he has not been made aware by either campaign of any concerns about any 'allegations of any wrongdoing.'

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