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Raphael Warnock rails against Herschel Walker in statewide tour kickoff: ‘You actually have to know stuff’

FIRST ON FOX: Incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock used his Thursday statewide campaign tour kickoff to rail against Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker as the race toward Georgia's Dec. 6 runoff election heats up.

Speaking to a crowd of about 75 supporters in Fort Valley, Georgia, one of the first stops on his 'One More Time' tour, Warnock attempted to paint Walker as 'not a serious person' and implored Georgia voters to show up to the polls despite Democrats already securing a slim majority in the Senate.

'There could not be a more stark contrast on the matter of competence and the matter of character, and he fails on both accounts,' Warnock said of Walker.

'I am running against someone who is not a serious person. But here is the danger: Because he's not a serious person, there may be a temptation among some not to take the race seriously. Herschel Walker is not to be taken seriously, but this race is to be taken seriously,' he added.

Acknowledging that Democrats have already assured their continued Senate majority even if he should lose, Warnock said the race is more about which candidate will represent the millions of people in Georgia for the next six years.

He went on to tout his votes to pass the Democrat-backed American Rescue Plan in 2021, a bill that Republicans said was too big and bloated, as well as his votes to pass the largely Democrat-backed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, a gun control bill and the China competition bill.

Warnock also touted his support for an insulin price cap bill that has not been voted on, and he mocked what he said was Walker's opposition to the bill.

'My opponent said people just need to eat right. That's what he said. I'm only telling you what he said. He's running for Senate, and he doesn't know that you can eat right and still have diabetes,' Warnock said.

'You actually have to know stuff to do this job. You actually have to do homework. You actually have to be curious. Herschel Walker doesn't know the issues… and what's worse is he's not interested. I'm talking about price gouging, and he's telling me that people [ought] to eat right, which suggests to me that he doesn't know the job description of a United States senator. Maybe he should run for dietitian. I'm running for United States Senate,' he added.

Warnock was referencing statements made by Walker during the October debate between the two. He didn't mention, however, that Walker also said he believed in reducing insulin costs.

Walker is on his own statewide 'Evict Warnock Bus Tour,' which included a stop in Savannah on Thursday, and will end the week near Atlanta before heading to west Georgia next week.

Warnock will conclude the week in Atlanta. His stops for next week have not yet been announced.

The runoff election is set to be held Dec. 6.

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