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Georgia Gov. Kemp campaigns for Herschel Walker: ‘We cannot rest on our laurels’

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp hit the campaign trail with the state’s Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker as the two try to elect Walker in the upcoming Senate runoff race between the former NFL star and incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

'Look, we cannot rest on our laurels here,' Kemp told an audience of Walker supporters in a Cobb County, Georgia, parking lot on Saturday. 'Who do you want to fight for you in the United States Senate? Do you want a guy that represents our values like Herschel Walker, or do you want a guy who’s stood with Joe Biden 96% of the time?'

Kemp told the crowd that Walker will 'fight for the values' of Georgia and will 'run over' Warnock just like he ran over opposing players while leading the University of Georgia to a college football championship in 1980.

'I know that Herschel Walker will go to the United States Senate and support our men and women in the military and our men and women in law enforcement,' Kemp said. 

'I know that Herschel Walker would go to Washington, D.C., and cut our taxes, not raise them. I know that Herschel Walker will do like we've done in Georgia and be fiscally conservative and cut runaway government spending in Washington, D.C.'

Kemp said that the Dec. 6 runoff election will come down to turnout and be decided by which side is more motivated.

Walker echoed Kemp's assessment of the race, saying that he will support law enforcement, oppose biological men playing women's sports, secure the border, and bring God with him to Washington, D.C.

'He can block, and I can run,' Walker said about his relationship with Jesus Christ helping him in the nation's capital.

Kemp has given Walker access to his get-out-the-vote machine that helped him win a re-election effort against challenger Stacey Abrams in the midterm election by almost 8 points while neither Walker nor Warnock passed the 50% vote threshold needed to avoid a runoff.

Walker, who hauled in $3.3 million the day after the midterm election and $4.3 million the next day, has hit the campaign trail arguing that Warnock will be a rubber stamp for Biden's agenda.

Warnock has hit Walker on his personal life and inexperience calling him 'not a serious person.'

Republicans currently have 49 votes in the Senate and are hoping to force a deadlock at 50 votes which would require Democrats to call on Vice-President Kamala Harris for any tie-breaking vote, which has been the case in the current Senate term. 

'51 is better than 50,' Warnock told a crowd at an event on Saturday in Cumming, Georgia.

'You can get some things done. And besides, this runoff is about who is going to represent the 11 million people of Georgia for the next six years. That's serious business. Would you agree? That's a serious question. And you need a serious person.'

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