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WATCH: Warnock goes on the record about whether he wants Biden to join him on the campaign trail

FIRST ON FOX: Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock responded to questions on Monday about whether he would welcome President Joe Biden on the campaign trail as he moves closer to the runoff election against Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker.

Speaking with Fox News Digital at a press gaggle following a campaign rally in Conyers, Georgia, Warnock wouldn't say whether he was planning on Biden campaigning with him after discussing plans for former President Obama to join him in the week prior to the runoff.

'President Obama is retired. I don't control the schedule of the president of the United States. We've got a little over two weeks. We'll see who shows up,' Walker said.

Fox pressed him on his response, asking if he would welcome Biden should the president decide to make the trip down South.

'Listen, I welcome the people of Georgia to show up. And we'll see over the course of the next few weeks who shows up. But it's a big tent, and I'm trying to do everything I can to help the people of Georgia to understand the work that I've already done for them, and to help them understand that we need 51,' Warnock said. 

'That's what we need. We need 51 United States senators who are focused on the work that I've been trying to do that we passed in these bills. But also, we need to try to find ways to get bipartisan work done. Which I've done,' he added, mentioning work he said he'd done for Georgia farmers, as well as building a new interstate through the state.

Obama will join Warnock for a rally in Atlanta on Thursday, Dec. 1, just days before the scheduled runoff election on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

As of Tuesday, no plans have been announced for Biden or any member of his administration to join Warnock on the campaign trail. 

Vice President Kamala Harris dodged the question Tuesday when she was asked by a reporter if she planned to stump for Warnock.

'I haven't made any decision yet,' Harris said. 'I'm basically still trying to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow.' 

Walker has similarly avoided directly addressing former President Donald Trump's presence on the campaign trail. Trump doesn't have any announced plans to stump for the former football star ahead of the runoff.

Both Biden and Trump have underwater favorability ratings in Georgia.

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