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Left wing group releases ‘Don’t Run, Joe’ ad opposing Biden reelection bid

A left-wing progressive group is urging President Biden to call it quits after his first term in office, taking out an ad giving reasons why they think he should not run for reelection.

The ad from RootsAction runs in New Hampshire and features local voters giving a variety of reasons for why they want someone else representing Democrats in the 2024 presidential election. Most expressed concern over Biden's electability.

'It’s absolutely critical that we don’t allow a Republican to win the White House in 2024,' said one woman who claimed that 'his low popularity is way too much of a gamble.'

'If he runs, the election is at serious risk,' another person said.

'We can’t afford to risk the White House to a Republican who could defeat Status Quo Joe,' said another.

Others said that Biden does not effectively represent their progressive agenda.

'There’s no question that we have a climate emergency. It’s a question of willingness to do something about it,' one man said.

'It’s not the time for half-measures. All Americans need universal health care now,' said another.


'There is no room to compromise when our abortion rights are on the line,' a female voter added.

The ad concludes with each of them uttering a common slogan: 'Don't run, Joe.'


Biden and the White House have repeatedly indicated that the 80-year-old commander-in-chief intends to run in 2024, but the president said he will not formally announce a decision until early 2023.

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